Say Hi!

Shoot me an email, text or call me.  Tell me the address and approximate size of your upcoming listing.  I'll give you a quick quote and we'll get the shoot added to my calendar.  It's pretty simple.  Prices are based on two primary factors:  Distance to the property from my home base in Apex, NC and the size of the property to be photographed.  Prices start at $140 for a 3200 or fewer square foot home 25 miles or less from Apex, NC.  Pricing for larger homes and distances greater than 25 miles from Apex, NC are quoted on an individual basis.

It's Photo Day!

I try to arrive at your listing a few minutes early just to quickly scope out the location.  I then take exterior and interior photographs to capture the architectural flow of the property.  Depending on the size of the property, photo shoots typically take no longer than 45 minutes.

To the Photo Lab!

I don't just hand you images straight out of the camera and say, "See ya!"  Part of the services you're paying for is my software knowledge and skills in photo editing.  The photo format I use is like a digital negative and needs to be processed to bring out the best in the image.  I process your photos the same day and then upload them to a file sharing website where you can easily download them to use as you need.

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